About us

Chemark - Your chemical supplier

Our foundation is the understanding of the importance of close relations to both costumers and suppliers. Professional service and quick response is a natural part of our business policy.

The sale of solvents is a significant part of our company. Our superior philosophy is to deliver products in semibulk and/or full tank trucks from the producer directly to the costumer. That way we achieve savings for local handling and the risk of contamination is minimized. We corporate with a number of the biggest producers and we deliver to costumers in the Nordic countries.

From local tank installations we distribute certain commodities where we have to comply with the demand for short lead time.

The products

As a distributor we work all-importantly with iso certified suppliers and all products can be delivered with Certificate of Analysis. On bulk quantities we deliver products directly to our costumers without handling or storing. By that we minimize the risk of contamination, and the costs are reduced.